Drozdov turnery is a project of the workshop of Vladimir Aleksandrovich Drozdov, specializing in the search for unique wood blanks and their intuitive transformation through turning.
Born and raised in the city of Ivanovo, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of IGASU in 2008. In 2006, we began to acquire skills in working with wood and making the didgeridoo - a woodwind national musical instrument of the Aboriginal people of northern Australia. Since 2012, the opening of my workshop and my first turning experiments, which attracted me with the wide variety of wood species and structures, the complexity of this type of woodworking and its expressive potential.

To create products, wood with burl and suvel growths, as well as other valuable wood species, is used. When searching for blanks, preference is given to material with picturesque living edges, forks, natural irregularities and twisted sections of the trunk, full of unique character and unbridled natural life.

The basis of the manufacturing process is turning with manual cutting, followed by various texturing techniques, multi-layer toning and carving. In particular, the Japanese technology of firing yakisugi wood, complemented by sandblasting, allows the structure to be revealed to a degree of relief, removing the burnt soft layers of annual rings.
The products are dominated by bowls with a live edge and thin-walled hollow forms. The technique of turning on raw wood is often used - a thin wall warps during the drying process in accordance with the internal structure of a specific section of the trunk, making its natural contribution to the final shape of the object.