Valeria Isyak is a professional artist, graduated from the Kharkov Art School and the Surikov Institute. She was included in the list of “100 best” of Interior + Design magazine, took part in a project to create mosaic decoration in the Church of St. Sava the Serbian in Belgrade. Valeria's panels consist of many porcelain petals that look like brush strokes. The artist’s main goal is a slow transition from the classic ancient structure of the mosaic to its new variation. Through the prism of painting and mosaics, new types of self-expression appear. Works are in private collections in Russia, France, Bulgaria, England, Scotland, Switzerland

Selected exhibitions:

2024 - “Craftworks Show 2024”,

London 2023 - “1000vases” - Joseph Gallery,

Paris 2023 - Design Week - Central Exhibition Hall Manege - Russia,

Moscow 2023 - “Tryn-Trava”-museum-estate of the Apostol Muravyovs-Moscow