Sofia is a sculptor and ceramicist. Graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute, department of reconstruction and restoration. In her works, Maria touches on the theme of fragile co-creation between people. Through ceramics I try to convey the ephemerality of our misconceptions, to show how in the modern world people create and complement each other’s subjective reality. There is no dimension to personal emotions; what one remembers, feels deeply and voluminously, for another is a barely perceptible, distant memory. The artist’s forms clearly show the difference in the perception of reality. Paper scraps of memories, words, sealed with fire in porcelain, clay and glass, as a reconstruction of a person’s inner state.

Selected exhibitions:
2021 — Cosmoscow 2021,
Moscow 2021 — Victory in the special nomination “Attention to detail”,
Russia Project 2020, Interior+Design 2012 - International Festival "Architecture 2012", Exhibition of the best diploma projects of architectural schools in Russia and the CIS countries, Central Exhibition Hall "Manege" Moscow