Maria graduated from the conducting department of the St. Petersburg State Conservatory. N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov, then a course in interior design at the Institute of Cultural Programs (St. Petersburg). In 2018, Maria opened her workshop and after some time registered her personal trademark Tokeramika. In her works, Maria touches on the theme of fragile co-creation between people. Through ceramics I try to convey the ephemerality of our misconceptions, to show how in the modern world people create and complement each other’s subjective reality. There is no dimension to personal emotions; what one remembers, feels deeply and voluminously, for another is a barely perceptible, distant memory. perception of reality. Paper scraps of memories, words, sealed with fire in porcelain, clay and glass, as a reconstruction of a person’s inner state.

Selected exhibitions:
2022 - Shortlist of the All-Russian competition “Invented and Made in Russia”
2021 - One's mind gallery, St. Petersburg