Designer and ceramic artist from Nizhny Novgorod. She reflected her love for these areas and their harmonious synergy in her own practice in the name of her design workshop, TWO HARES (translated from English as “two birds with one stone”). Anastasia creates multifunctional, variable interior objects and designer tableware, using mainly slip casting techniques. Now I define myself more as a ceramic artist. I create minimalist and most often multifunctional interior items. The main technique I use is slip casting. I discovered the world of ceramics several years ago. This material instantly captivated me with its unlimited possibilities regarding shapes, textures, scales and colors. Then I became interested in interior design. I devoted a couple of years to studying, and then opened my design workshop TWO HARES, which translated from English means “two birds with one stone.” In my practice, two favorite directions coexist harmoniously with each other.

Ceramic construction set “Molecule”, developed as part of the “Circle-Square” series. The very idea of ​​​​creating a designer for me has inexhaustible possibilities, which will definitely be enough for several years to come. At some point, it was important for me to understand what direction to move in and what determines my creativity. The answer turned out to be very simple - variability. It is variability that allows us to change space without affecting its content, which means it provides the opportunity for creativity and imagination. When creating my ceramics, I always try to adhere to this principle, and the idea of ​​the designer allows me to realize it in the best possible way. It is important for me that the object is not only functional, aesthetic, filled with meaning, but also variable, because a creator lives in each of us.