Art project Backbone was created by interior designer Elena Belorybkina. Thanks to a great love for arts and crafts and product design, the idea was born to combine minimalist art and decor in one location.
The philosophy of Backbone is based on an intuitive choice of things that come from the very heart of the founder. The gallery brings together artists and designers who came out of the creative environment, many of them began their journey with the creation of architecture, interiors, photography and landscape design. Each work has a lively unique content and conveys the true values ​​of the author. Contemporary and aesthetic art is the firm's signature style.

All items are carefully selected for the complex design of the space - this is the value of the approach. Everything is harmoniously combined with each other and complements each other.

Belorybkina Elena from childhood was fond of painting and graduated from the Art School, interest in art grew into the profession of an interior designer school at the Faculty of Architectural Environment. Elena has devoted 12 years to the design of residential and residential interiors, accompanying projects from sites to full implementation. The idea of ​​​​creating BACKBONE was preceded by a 5-year long journey ... love for creativity led to experiments with access to the technique of her own art, Elena created interior painting, worked with ceramics, decorated interiors with her works.A keen interest in arts and crafts has led to the emergence in 2021. its online gallery, a place to bring together emerging artists, many of whom started their careers in architecture, interior design, photography and landscape design.

The goal of BACKBONE is to create our own line of minimalistic and aesthetic objects, we want our own contribution to the aesthetics and evolution of product design!